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Use an SSD on your Mac

Trust us: the best upgrade to any machine these days is an SSD. Whether it's your new Mac Pro or a 5 year old MacBook Pro, adding an SSD is the best addition you can make.

I use a OWC SSD for my boot/apps drive; my home folder sits on a RAID of physical HDDs. It's fairly trivial, but not GUI simple.

1. Create another admin user

2. Clone everything over except *your* user folder

3. Reboot using the SSD and login using the new user you created in #1

4. Go to System Preferences -> Accounts and click the lock to make changes

5. Right click your real user account, change the Home Directory to your user directory on your old drive

6. Some apps look incorrectly for the home directory, so open a Terminal window and do this:

cd /Users; sudo ln -s /Volumes/OldDrive/Users/mymyselfi .

Log out of the test account and log back in as yourself.

Enabling noatime might be good too to add some life to the drive. Here's a handy guide:

Here's the direct link. Thanks for spreading the word!


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